Do you HATE cleaning that Disgusting & Smelly Garbage Bin?

Then Stinky Bins is for you! Stinky Bins is an ALL-NATURAL Emulsifying Agent that GUARANTEES that your garbage bin will be deodorized with use of the product. Stinky Bins aggressively absorbs any liquids in the garbage bins and has a powerful cherry scent.

It’s simple to use! Just pour a thin layer on the bottom of your empty trash receptacle or inside an active garbage bag. Our All-Natural granules will absorb any and all liquids. It then converts them into odor free, stable, non-harmful solids.


Flies are attracted to garbage, that’s no secret. Stinky Bins granules neutralize the bacterias that cause these foul odors. No odors & No flies = Safer Domestic Environment.

Easy to Use! 

Just pour a thin layer of Stinky Bins
into your empty Stinky Garbage Bin,
and you’re done! 

Use Indoors!

Pour a thin layer underneath
your trash bag inside your trash bin
to absorb those accidental leaks.

Get Rid of the Flies!

Because Stinky Bins eliminates
the odors of trash bins, flies
are no longer attracted to it